• About Us

  • Amazona Est. is one of the leading companies specialized in the development and production of paints and coatings in Lebanon and the Middle East.

    Established in 1984, Amazona Est. paints have been able to build up a long list of references on a multinational level. The company has shown fast growth despite strong competition due to excellent reputation built as a result of the companies dedication to both quality and client satisfaction. As our company, Amazona Est., expanded, we moved to a bigger production plant and completed a team of more than 130 dedicated stakeholders, composed of production operators, technicians, engineers, etc.

    Our goal is to manufacture high quality and long lasting products designed for all needs.

    Amazona Est. has developed a strong reputation due to our “Happy Wall Paints” manufactured for architectural and decorative applications. Later on, we expanded our product line to include “Laser Paints” specifically developed for industrial coatings and Car Refinishing.
    Our wide range of products is designed for interior and exterior applications on various substrates including, but not limited to, concrete, wood, and metal.

    The excellence of our products is achieved through the combination of high quality raw materials, highly qualified chemical engineers and technical staff, and throughout intensive research, development, and innovation. Since we are in continuous search for new methods and technologies to improve our products, our company has built throughout the years strong connections with leading international suppliers, in order to stay up-to-date with worldwide trends and standards, and developed a lab equipped with highly sophisticated testing machines which allows us to continuously test our products to ensure that they meet international standards.

    On the multinational level, Amazona Est. has proven to be one of the leaders in exporting paint innovations worldwide. Our strong expansion and reputation is mainly based on answering clients’ special requests and designing custom-made products. A highly dedicated technical team committed to maintaining quality and constantly conducting research to improve and enhance product performance, application and safety stands behind the development of our custom made products. Moreover, this highly dedicated team is always ready for any technical assistance and professional advice.

    Our strong commitment to quality and customer satisfaction has led us to establish our quality policy which allows us to always meet the requirements of international quality management system ISO 9001: 2008.