• Why choose us?

  • History and experience:

    We’ve been in the market for decades and we’ve gathered technical experience throughout the years which allowed us to offer quality paints to various markets.

    Wide range of products:

    We’re one of the few paint companies that offer a wide variety of products satisfying any customer demand from architectural and decorative paints to industrial coatings and automotive refinishing.

    Research and development:

     Our engineers and qualified technicians work constantly to ensure the development of new products meeting high standards and the improvement of our existing range.

    Technical service and tailored products

    Our strong point is the technical support we offer to clients as well as the capacity to answer any product or color demand.

    Customer satisfaction:

    We believe that true customer satisfaction is realized by mixing three ingredients: excellent quality, competitive prices and superior customer service.

    International certification:

    We are certified ISO 9001 to guarantee the best management of our company providing high quality paints with international standards.